Meet the Woman Who Brought Fire Dancing to Burning Man

Graham Berry wrote this deep profile of Burning Man founder Crimson Rose and the origins of fire art and performance in Black Rock City:

“Often hailed as ‘the godmother of fire arts’ (she was the first-ever fire dancer on the playa), Crimson reviews conclave auditions with a panel of legends to select the crème de la crème for the ceremony. Year after year, fire performers strive just to be a part of her continued legacy by pouring their souls into their Burning Man performances so the tradition is passed with grace on to the next generation.”

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(Photo by Steve Fritz)

Burning Nest: 3rd UK Regional Burn

Simon writes:

“Burning Nest, the UK Regional Burn, just celebrated its 3rd year at the end of May. It took place again in the Welsh valleys, near Port Talbot from May 21-26. People seriously upped their game this year and we saw a huge variety of creativity, art, music, workshops, fun, silliness, love and some genuinely moving Burns. We even had our own ‘Esplanade’ with a row of wonderfully varied theme cabins along the river running through the site.

If you want a glimpse of the fun had, here’s the video we shot of many of the participants. (Warning: video contains ads because it uses copyrighted music.)

Hope to see you there next year!”

Love Stories from Burning Man

Nice one from Reno Gazette-Journal Burning Man reporter, Jenny Kane. They’re pretty conventional as far as Burner love stories go, if you ask us, but that doesn’t make them any less adorable:

“Love on the playa sometimes can be a mirage. Sometimes it’s just a moment, often just lust, and, well, sometimes it’s too many swigs of a chosen cocktail.

But sometimes Burners do find true love on the playa, or the playa helps Burner couples reinforce their everlasting partnership. For this Valentine’s Day, three couples told us their stories of how the burn brought them closer to their other half.”

Read more in the Reno Gazette-Journal

Burning Burg 2015

You can meet other burners in Germany, make contacts for Nowhere and Burning Man, do a workshop or participate in one. In the last years we had poi, hula hoop, archery and yoga, and of course question-and-answer sessions for burner events. It’s all based on the 10 principles, and surely there will be fire ;-). Also let us know if you have an art project that needs support.

With your ticket you reserve a bed for the weekend. The number of beds is limited, so please register early. Alternatively you can camp for 10 €. We only organise the accommodation and a party room, everything else needs to be organised by YOU.

The beds are spread over four flats with 2-6 beds in each room, most of them bunk beds. No reservations of special rooms unless you travel with kids, then we try to offer you a room with your kids on your own if possible. Kids who need a bed pay full price for the bed, kids with their own bed are free (but please register so we know they are coming).

There are also four kitchens, four bath rooms and two solar showers in the house. Camping is directly in front of the house, with an extra bath room.

More information: Burning Burg 2015

Ticket sale: Starts at 2015-03-15 / Link to sale

Burner version of “My Favorite Things”

By Burn.Life

I have to admit to a long-standing nostalgic love of “The Sound of Music” and recently (oddly, the afternoon before the Grammys that featured Julie Andrews) was motivated to write Burner-inspired lyrics for it. Then, I decided to hire a singer to record it for me, and figured as long as I’d done that I’d go all the way and put together a video for it.


I have a lot of favorite things about Burning Man. Here are some of them, set to song.

Burning Man 2014

Burning Man 2014 from UBERcut on Vimeo.

Big thanks to all the artists and people who were there,
And special thanks to the burning man organization for making these experiences possible

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Jorrit Monné from UBERcut
Shot on a Sony FS700 & Gopro Hero 3+

Please Send me a message if your art is in the video, that way I can credit everyone who made these great creations!
Featured Art:
– Hybycozo
– StarfighterA by Christina Angelina
– Embrace by The Pier Group

Burning Man 2014 from UBERcut on Vimeo.