Theme camps and villages are the interactive core of Burning Man. An ideal theme camp should create a visually stimulating presence and provide a communal space or other opportunity for interaction.
Creating a theme camp takes commitment.

Kids Camp (2014)
The number of children attending Burning Man is continuing to grow. Participants planning this district see it as an opportunity for parents to pool resources. The district will be located in a quiet area with a central location. We encourage families to exchange ideas and information and create this district.
Want to know more? Check this link!

BMIR (2015)
BMIR – 94.5 FM (aka Burning Man Information Radio) is the official radio station of Burning Man. Broadcasting on the playa and streaming over the internet (both from Burning Man and year round) at – BMIR broadcasts an eclectic mix of music, playa news, burn information, playa weather reports, interviews with participants and artists, theme camp and event promos and much more.
Here is the link to more info

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