The Generator in Reno Needs Your Support

The Generator, a radically inclusive maker space that has been the home of construction for Burning Man art projects such as The Pier, Embrace, The Library of Babel, and many others, has been in conversation with the city of Reno to develop a second and significantly larger location. For this venture, the 100+ person artist group led by Matt Schultz has been vying to rent a 5.5 acre piece of unused land owned by the City of Reno for $1 a year.

City councilman David Bobzien has called the steeply discounted rent “a conscious investment on behalf of the citizens of Reno,” and the group has already raised $185k towards the remaining costs of project. Generator Phase II plans include an art sculpture park, a 50k square foot industrial arts center, a community garden, 15 – 30 tiny house artists’ residencies, and a rebuilding of 2014’s Embrace sculpture for permanent display.

However… there has been a slight hangup. And this is where the Generator needs your help.

At the last City Council meeting, the City of Reno delayed the potential deal. Some objectors include nearby neighbors who had been hoping to use part of the space as a parking lot. The Generator is an amazing community resource where dreamers, makers, engineers and builders can freely use tools, resources, and ample space to create art of every kind. This is what it looks like when the principles of Burning Man take hold in an urban community, and the Generator crew has asked for help from the Burning Man community to make it happen.

From Generator crew:
“Please send a quick note to the City Council about how The Generator is a wonderful place and that the City of Reno should support the Generator Phase II. Here are the City Council addresses:,,,,,,,”

For more information:
Generator Facebook page
Generator website

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