Burning Man 2014

Burning Man 2014 from UBERcut on Vimeo.

Big thanks to all the artists and people who were there,
And special thanks to the burning man organization for making these experiences possible

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Jorrit Monné from UBERcut
Shot on a Sony FS700 & Gopro Hero 3+

Please Send me a message if your art is in the video, that way I can credit everyone who made these great creations!
Featured Art:
– Hybycozo
– StarfighterA by Christina Angelina
– Embrace by The Pier Group

Burning Man 2014 from UBERcut on Vimeo.

European Leadership Summit Rocks Amsterdam

Over 100 community leaders from twenty-five nations converged on Amsterdam for the second annual Burning Man European Leadership Summit, February 6-8 in Amsterdam’s historic Beurs van Berlage. Burning Man Regional Contacts, Meta-regionals, event organizers, and headquarters staff joined forces for a fast-paced weekend of teaching, learning, and creative collaboration.

2015-02-07_BM-ELS-day1_022_∏photo-company.nlAfter kicking off the event with a celebratory parade through the streets of Amsterdam (the latest installment in Jan Beddegenoodts’s “Moving Europe” project), participants enjoyed two busy days of panels, workshops, group discussions, and networking.


A highlight of the program was a series of talks on art, technology, and culture. Philosopher Alexander Bard introduced the group to syntheism, a model of how atheists can achieve the same feelings of community and awe experienced in theistic religions. Author Yuri van Geest discussed the attributes of what he calls exponential organizations, agile groups that can survive and thrive in periods of rapid change. And the artist Dadara hosted a showcase of his work, which includes celebrated and sometimes controversial on-playa projects such as the Exchanghibition Bank and Like4Real.

2015-02-07_BM-ELS-day1_138_∏photo-company.nlAnother popular offering was a half-day seminar in collaborative creativity hosted by the THNK School of Creative Leadership. Participants were guided through an accelerated cycle of small-group ideation, prototyping, and refinement at the THNK campus, generating a number of actionable projects that people were buzzing about for the rest of the weekend. Back at the Beurs van Berlage, breakout sessions offered in-depth discussion of topics including BWB-style civic projects, leaving no trace, community event production, volunteerism, and conflict resolution, which spilled over into many after-hours discussions of art, culture, collaboration, and the challenges of translating the Burning Man ethos to new languages, cultures, and physical environments.

2015-02-08_BM-ELS-day2_123_∏photo-company.nlThanks to all the conference participants for an amazing weekend, and especially to the Dutch Burners for their gracious welcome and hard work in helping to make this summit a success.

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“Moving Europe” brings Burning Man art to Amsterdam

Belgian filmmaker, photographer, and art-activist Jan Beddegenoodts brought his Moving Europe project to Amsterdam last week with a spectacular mobile gallery and interactive parade. Participants took to the streets of the old city carrying oversized prints of Burning Man art photos taken by Jan and fellow photographers Thomas Dorn, Sidney Erthal, Scott London, and Gaby Thijsse, accompanied by a brass band, dancers, fire spinners, and no small number of delighted Amsterdammers caught up in the spontaneous celebration.

The event was an apt kickoff for the second annual Burning Man European Leadership Summit, a two-day event bringing together community leaders from twenty-five countries for an intensive weekend of knowledge-sharing, alliance-building, and cultural collaboration.

In the months ahead, Jan and his team will bring the Moving Europe experience to more cities including Riga, Athens, Lisbon, Berlin, and Reikjavic, 2015-02-06_Moving-Europe_136_∏photo-company.nl_-1024x582working with local artists and burners in each country to imbue the event with local flavor and make each parade a unique street party. The Moving Europe team is also compiling video footage for a documentary project, interviewing people of all ages but particularly children and the elderly about their impressions of the show and their dreams for the future.

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We Fell in Love at A Festival

The Story of Burning Man’s Bear & Katiyana

 Whether on Valentine’s Day or not, there is nothing wrong with celebrating that ever-fascinating thing known as love. There’s no question that, as humans, the deeply felt, cosmic kind of amour is one of the most intoxicating and profound emotions your brain will ever have the privilege of experiencing. The coolest thing about it is that love can come out of nowhere, and change your life forever once it hits you. There’s no telling when it will happen or why, and there’s little explanation for the series of events that bring people together. All we can do, as citizens of the earth, is let it come and savor every moment of it.

Prime examples of this openness of heart, body, soul, and mind are Bear Kittay and Katiyana Williams. Bear is a New York City native who transplanted to plush Silicon Valley for a lucrative career as a tech entrepreneur. Tired of the industry’s self-congratulatory culture and ready to live closer to his deep values of love and integrity, he began advising one of Burning Man’s founders on a variety of strategic issues around global strategy (and eventually co-founded the theme camp IDEATE), and first went to Black Rock City in 2009. “I knew right away that this was my new sacred home,” he says.

Katiyana grew up in an intentional, mostly off the grid community in Sebastopol. In her childhood, she was already a seasoned veteran of in the areas of communal effort, radical inclusion, radical self reliance, generosity, immediacy and civic engagement. Before her first Burning Man experience, she worked as the Director of Operations at a boutique consulting firm, focusing on fundraising strategy and philanthropy advising, as well as coached soccer for almost 10 years in San Francisco.

Both Bear and Katiyana had strong intuitions that they would meet someone special at the same exact Burning Man where they first collided. Below, they tell Fest300 how their love story unfolded and how that love continues to guide and enrich their lives today.

Read the full story here

LOVE Project

The Burning Man LOVE Project has just released the Playa Info installment of their ongoing series about Volunteerism at Burning Man. Check out the video to learn more about how to find the answer to just about any question you might have in Black Rock City. The LOVE Project series is produced by the Volunteer Squadron, whose mission is to support volunteerism and creative collaboration on the playa. To find out where you can volunteer for Burning Man, visit burningman.org/event/volunteering.

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Maybe you’re looking for your best friend’s camp. Or you’ve got a flat tire and need to find a pump. Or you’re just curious to know what time the Opera starts on Friday night. Fret no more! Head straight for Playa Info in the hub of Black Rock City and you’ll find a helpful crew and a wealth of resources.

Burning Man European Leadership Summit 2015 (ELS2015)

The 2nd Annual Burning Man European Leadership Summit took place in Amsterdam from Friday, February 6th till Sunday, February 8th 2015.

It was an amzing summit with regionals from 26 different countries. We are so proud of being part of this!


The program was fully packed, with the Moving Europe Parade, Check in and registration and the Equinox Meet-and-greet party on Friday.


Saturday the summit started with breakfast at the Beurs van Berlage followed by a welcome, opening remarks, an update by the Dutch Community and a round-up. In the afternoon there were Breakout Workshops and a field trip tot the THNK School of Creative Leadership. And a Cocktail reception.

The Sunday started with dance, yoga and massage at Morning Gloryville. With all the energy the Technology, Art and Culture talks started followed by lunch. After lunch the principles and acculturation Group discussion took place, and two Breakout Workshops sessions.  And last, but not least we had a toast, fullfilled with creativity and great ideas.

Thank you Dutch Burners for hosting this marvelous summit and for having us over to take the pictures.

Full serie can be found on Flickr and on this site ELS2015

The Natural History and Beauty of Burning Man’s Black Rock Desert

You can’t ignore the desert when you are at Burning Man— even if you’ve only come for the art, entertainment, partying, or alternative lifestyle. The heat, dust, and massive dust storms forcefully remind you that you are not in San Francisco, or Vilnius, or Tokyo. Even the one-percenters, the folks who live in well-protected, catered camps, are forced to deal with these realities when they are out and about.

Whether you stop long enough to admire the beauty of desert or learn about its geologic and cultural history is another issue. Certainly, many Burners take the time to stop and look around, even if it is only for a brief, “Wow!” or to howl like coyotes, which I have heard them do over a particularly beautiful sunset or sunrise.

Larry Harvey’s initial choice of the Black Rock Desert as the venue for Burning Man was based more on the area’s isolation than anything else. He wanted a place where people could ‘do their own Burner thing’ and not be overly worried about what the neighbors might think, or the law. And he found it in Nevada. Once you get outside of Reno or Las Vegas, the population drops dramatically. When you leave the major highways that cross the state, the odds are that jackrabbits will outnumber the people.

The Black Rock Desert lies some 100 miles north of Reno in what is known as the Great Basin, an arid region characterized by narrow, fault-block mountain ranges and flat valleys trending mainly in a north-south direction. It was once suggested that the best way to picture the Basin and Range province is to think of it as “army of caterpillars marching toward Mexico.” Big caterpillars. As for the Great Basin part of the equation, 12,000 years ago the Black Rock Desert was part of Lake Lahontan, a huge glacier fed lake that covered some 8500 square miles. The flat playa that Burning Man sits on today is a dried up remnant of the lakebed. The dust and dust storms are its legacy.

Crossing the Great Basin with horses, oxen and mules, or even on foot, early pioneers gained a much more intimate knowledge of the desert than today’s Burners. Radical self-reliance, one of the ten principles of Burning Man, was all that stood between the pioneers and death. One of the routes the adventurers followed, the Applegate Trail, makes its way through the Black Rock Desert. Living, as I do, in the Applegate Valley, along the Applegate River, on Upper Applegate Road, near the Applegate reservoir, I have a certain familiarity with the Applegate family.

The following sunset and rainbow photos were taken by Don Green, Tom Lovering, Ken Lake, Peggy Mekemson and me, all part of our group.

Source: Wandering through time and place

The Generator in Reno Needs Your Support

The Generator, a radically inclusive maker space that has been the home of construction for Burning Man art projects such as The Pier, Embrace, The Library of Babel, and many others, has been in conversation with the city of Reno to develop a second and significantly larger location. For this venture, the 100+ person artist group led by Matt Schultz has been vying to rent a 5.5 acre piece of unused land owned by the City of Reno for $1 a year.

City councilman David Bobzien has called the steeply discounted rent “a conscious investment on behalf of the citizens of Reno,” and the group has already raised $185k towards the remaining costs of project. Generator Phase II plans include an art sculpture park, a 50k square foot industrial arts center, a community garden, 15 – 30 tiny house artists’ residencies, and a rebuilding of 2014’s Embrace sculpture for permanent display.

However… there has been a slight hangup. And this is where the Generator needs your help.

At the last City Council meeting, the City of Reno delayed the potential deal. Some objectors include nearby neighbors who had been hoping to use part of the space as a parking lot. The Generator is an amazing community resource where dreamers, makers, engineers and builders can freely use tools, resources, and ample space to create art of every kind. This is what it looks like when the principles of Burning Man take hold in an urban community, and the Generator crew has asked for help from the Burning Man community to make it happen.

From Generator crew:
“Please send a quick note to the City Council about how The Generator is a wonderful place and that the City of Reno should support the Generator Phase II. Here are the City Council addresses: schieveh@reno.gov, bobziend@reno.gov, BrekhusJ@reno.gov, DuerrN@reno.gov, delgadoo@reno.gov, mckenziep@reno.gov, Jardonn@reno.gov, ky@nevada.unr.edu”

For more information:
Generator Facebook page
Generator website