13 Life Lessons From 13 Years at Burning Man

Every year, participants drive hundreds of miles in the scorching heat in search of Black Rock City, Nevada; a barren desert in the middle of nowhere which we call the playa. They come for different reasons. One perhaps is to find nirvana in a sea of mesmerizing music and sense-blinding electronica. It is a place where people can learn through participation, revelry, and inquiry, how to truly connect and experience what it means to be human.

Here are 13 life lessons from my 13 year journey. (Click the link to read the full story)

Thank you Maya Zuckerman for your lessons in the Huffington Post.

)*( Dutch Decompression 2014 BM )*(

The OFFICIAL Netherlands Burning Man Decompression Party took place on November 15th at Radion / Broedplaats Acta in Amsterdam. Now is the time to show the world of Burners and other beautiful souls how decompression is done around here!

And it was a great Decom!! Thank you beautiful Burners involved. It felt like home…..

For pictures of the first Dutch Decom visit the Facebook page