Reborn From The Ashes

Burning Man is a weeklong festival, a mega art event with many levels of presentation to provide a platform to artists to build a variety of wooden installations and structures in a metropolis in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. This documentary film is specifically aiming on an aspect that would inspire the caring relationship between man and nature, and as well as emphasizing on the meaningfulness of men’s encounters with wood.

In this 5 miles sq. of flat alkaline playa, wood does not only serve as the main material for art pieces, but also represents as a carrier that absorbs people’s emotions, cultures, and hopes.

The festival reached to its climax when the fifty-foot-tall giant wooden man falls, at that very moment wood has been burnt to ashes and blown away with wind along with people’s message spreading out to those who may or may not have experienced with wood or woodworking that a green and brighter future is ours to choose.

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Wood Culture:

What is Burning Man?

We are truly grateful to have had the opportunity to film at Burning Man this year for GoingFurthur‬.

It was our first burn, and we were completely blown away. It is truly difficult to put this experience into words, but we asked some fellow burners to do just that-actually, to describe the experience in just one word.

We hope you will enjoy the result as much as we did.

Shot, produced, directed and edited by Lindsay Kent and Colby Rex O’Neill with music by Moontricks

by: Going Furthur

Burner version of “My Favorite Things”

By Burn.Life

I have to admit to a long-standing nostalgic love of “The Sound of Music” and recently (oddly, the afternoon before the Grammys that featured Julie Andrews) was motivated to write Burner-inspired lyrics for it. Then, I decided to hire a singer to record it for me, and figured as long as I’d done that I’d go all the way and put together a video for it.


I have a lot of favorite things about Burning Man. Here are some of them, set to song.

Burning Man 2014

Burning Man 2014 from UBERcut on Vimeo.

Big thanks to all the artists and people who were there,
And special thanks to the burning man organization for making these experiences possible

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Jorrit Monné from UBERcut
Shot on a Sony FS700 & Gopro Hero 3+

Please Send me a message if your art is in the video, that way I can credit everyone who made these great creations!
Featured Art:
– Hybycozo
– StarfighterA by Christina Angelina
– Embrace by The Pier Group

Burning Man 2014 from UBERcut on Vimeo.