Burning Nest: 3rd UK Regional Burn

Simon writes:

“Burning Nest, the UK Regional Burn, just celebrated its 3rd year at the end of May. It took place again in the Welsh valleys, near Port Talbot from May 21-26. People seriously upped their game this year and we saw a huge variety of creativity, art, music, workshops, fun, silliness, love and some genuinely moving Burns. We even had our own ‘Esplanade’ with a row of wonderfully varied theme cabins along the river running through the site.

If you want a glimpse of the fun had, here’s the video we shot of many of the participants. (Warning: video contains ads because it uses copyrighted music.)

Hope to see you there next year!”

Burning Burg 2015

You can meet other burners in Germany, make contacts for Nowhere and Burning Man, do a workshop or participate in one. In the last years we had poi, hula hoop, archery and yoga, and of course question-and-answer sessions for burner events. It’s all based on the 10 principles, and surely there will be fire ;-). Also let us know if you have an art project that needs support.

With your ticket you reserve a bed for the weekend. The number of beds is limited, so please register early. Alternatively you can camp for 10 €. We only organise the accommodation and a party room, everything else needs to be organised by YOU.

The beds are spread over four flats with 2-6 beds in each room, most of them bunk beds. No reservations of special rooms unless you travel with kids, then we try to offer you a room with your kids on your own if possible. Kids who need a bed pay full price for the bed, kids with their own bed are free (but please register so we know they are coming).

There are also four kitchens, four bath rooms and two solar showers in the house. Camping is directly in front of the house, with an extra bath room.

More information: Burning Burg 2015

Ticket sale: Starts at 2015-03-15 / Link to sale

European Leadership Summit Rocks Amsterdam

Over 100 community leaders from twenty-five nations converged on Amsterdam for the second annual Burning Man European Leadership Summit, February 6-8 in Amsterdam’s historic Beurs van Berlage. Burning Man Regional Contacts, Meta-regionals, event organizers, and headquarters staff joined forces for a fast-paced weekend of teaching, learning, and creative collaboration.

2015-02-07_BM-ELS-day1_022_∏photo-company.nlAfter kicking off the event with a celebratory parade through the streets of Amsterdam (the latest installment in Jan Beddegenoodts’s “Moving Europe” project), participants enjoyed two busy days of panels, workshops, group discussions, and networking.


A highlight of the program was a series of talks on art, technology, and culture. Philosopher Alexander Bard introduced the group to syntheism, a model of how atheists can achieve the same feelings of community and awe experienced in theistic religions. Author Yuri van Geest discussed the attributes of what he calls exponential organizations, agile groups that can survive and thrive in periods of rapid change. And the artist Dadara hosted a showcase of his work, which includes celebrated and sometimes controversial on-playa projects such as the Exchanghibition Bank and Like4Real.

2015-02-07_BM-ELS-day1_138_∏photo-company.nlAnother popular offering was a half-day seminar in collaborative creativity hosted by the THNK School of Creative Leadership. Participants were guided through an accelerated cycle of small-group ideation, prototyping, and refinement at the THNK campus, generating a number of actionable projects that people were buzzing about for the rest of the weekend. Back at the Beurs van Berlage, breakout sessions offered in-depth discussion of topics including BWB-style civic projects, leaving no trace, community event production, volunteerism, and conflict resolution, which spilled over into many after-hours discussions of art, culture, collaboration, and the challenges of translating the Burning Man ethos to new languages, cultures, and physical environments.

2015-02-08_BM-ELS-day2_123_∏photo-company.nlThanks to all the conference participants for an amazing weekend, and especially to the Dutch Burners for their gracious welcome and hard work in helping to make this summit a success.

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“Moving Europe” brings Burning Man art to Amsterdam

Belgian filmmaker, photographer, and art-activist Jan Beddegenoodts brought his Moving Europe project to Amsterdam last week with a spectacular mobile gallery and interactive parade. Participants took to the streets of the old city carrying oversized prints of Burning Man art photos taken by Jan and fellow photographers Thomas Dorn, Sidney Erthal, Scott London, and Gaby Thijsse, accompanied by a brass band, dancers, fire spinners, and no small number of delighted Amsterdammers caught up in the spontaneous celebration.

The event was an apt kickoff for the second annual Burning Man European Leadership Summit, a two-day event bringing together community leaders from twenty-five countries for an intensive weekend of knowledge-sharing, alliance-building, and cultural collaboration.

In the months ahead, Jan and his team will bring the Moving Europe experience to more cities including Riga, Athens, Lisbon, Berlin, and Reikjavic, 2015-02-06_Moving-Europe_136_∏photo-company.nl_-1024x582working with local artists and burners in each country to imbue the event with local flavor and make each parade a unique street party. The Moving Europe team is also compiling video footage for a documentary project, interviewing people of all ages but particularly children and the elderly about their impressions of the show and their dreams for the future.

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Burning Man European Leadership Summit 2015 (ELS2015)

The 2nd Annual Burning Man European Leadership Summit took place in Amsterdam from Friday, February 6th till Sunday, February 8th 2015.

It was an amzing summit with regionals from 26 different countries. We are so proud of being part of this!


The program was fully packed, with the Moving Europe Parade, Check in and registration and the Equinox Meet-and-greet party on Friday.


Saturday the summit started with breakfast at the Beurs van Berlage followed by a welcome, opening remarks, an update by the Dutch Community and a round-up. In the afternoon there were Breakout Workshops and a field trip tot the THNK School of Creative Leadership. And a Cocktail reception.

The Sunday started with dance, yoga and massage at Morning Gloryville. With all the energy the Technology, Art and Culture talks started followed by lunch. After lunch the principles and acculturation Group discussion took place, and two Breakout Workshops sessions.  And last, but not least we had a toast, fullfilled with creativity and great ideas.

Thank you Dutch Burners for hosting this marvelous summit and for having us over to take the pictures.

Full serie can be found on Flickr and on this site ELS2015

Equinox party

Dear Burner friends,

We would like to tell you about our next Burning Man event, ‘Equinox’, taking place next weekend.

Why this Equinox party?
From 6th till 8th of February The Burning Man European Leadership Summit 2015 will take place in Amsterdam.
Because of this event, Burning Man Netherlands has decided to throw a party for all foreign burners/guests and other beautiful souls that will participate at this European Summit 2015.
We invite you to give them all a warm welcome in Amsterdam and show them how we can throw a party over here!

So please join us at this welcoming event
Everyone is invited! )'(

Coming Friday, 6th of February, 21.00h – 02.00h

Akhnaton – Amsterdam
Nieuwezijds Kolk 25

Please buy a ticket below. The participation fee is 7,5 Euros which will be used for decorations, art and our own Dutch Fire-Frenzy Transfor-Man which was one of the main acts during our Decompression in November.

Ticket link:
Mobile device ticket link:

We have a very limited number of tickets available! So if you want to join us on this party, order your ticket right away……

Hope to see you next Friday!


member of the Equinox and the European Summit Team and Burning Man The Netherlands

BMNL-Newsletter <newsletter@dutchburners.nl>

Burning Pub Amsterdam

Note: change of date because of European Summit : first Thursday of February!!!

Lovely Burners and Virgin Burners, the first weekend of February Amsterdam will be hosting the European Summit (ELS). Since some of these international participants will arrive early in Amsterdam, we want to give them a warm welcome. For this reason we moved the Pub to the first Thursday of the Month (instead of our usual second Thursday).

Yes….it will be a long long weekend with lots of options to meet other Burners and feel the warm spirit again.

Thursday our Burning Pub 5th February 2015
Friday Equinox party (starts at 21:00!) 6th February
Sunday morning: the unique opportunity to join part of the ELS program 8th February

Hugs and hope to see you all! )'(

2nd Annual Burning Man European Leadership Summit

Where: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
When: February 6-8, 2015

In early February, The Regionals Team will host the 2nd Annual Burning Man European Leadership Summit in Amsterdam. 100 Regional Contacts, community leaders, and Burning Man staff members from 24 different countries will come together for a weekend of workshops, peer-to-peer mentorship, and collaborative visioning for the future of our global network.

Each year, the Regionals Team plans to host the Summit in a new European city, offering the “host” city the opportunity to showcase their projects and local initiatives. This year, the Dutch Team has coordinated an art parade called “Moving Europe,” and a public event to welcome Summit participants to town. Stay tuned to Voices of Burning Man for program highlights and event photos.

Burning Man European Leadership Summit 2015 in Amsterdam

As you all have seen in the announcements, Burning Man Netherlands is the proud host of the Burning Man European Leadership Summit 2015 from 6 till 8 of february in Amsterdam……

The kick off  for the Burning Man European Leadership Summit will be the first parade of Moving Europe on the 6th of February in Amsterdam. Volunteers, dressed in black, carry around pictures of Burning Man, together with fire artists, brass bands, jugglers and more great street moves and colors. The start will be at 5.30pm near the Central station and will finish at 7.00pm at Aknathon. 

This walking pop-up exposition with Burning Man photography art will move through more  European cities this spring; Athens, Lisbon, Berlin, Riga and Reykjavik !

On Friday February 6th from 21:00 till 02:00 there will be the Burning Man Equinox party in Akhnaton Amsterdam!!!!!
This party is organized for all foreign Burners coming to 2014-11-15_Decompression_3171_©photo-company.nlthe Burning Man Summit in Amsterdam that weekend. The Whole Burning Man Board and founders of Burning Man USA will also be present at this party to celebrate a fantastic weekend in Amsterdam.
We want to invite you all to this party to welcome all the wonderful Burners coming to Amsterdam that weekend. Of course the line up of DJ’s and their music will be amazing again!! Let’s party
Tickets only 7,50 Euro BUT we have limited space and for that reason a very limited amount of tickets available of around 300 tickets in total.
EVENT Site: https://www.facebook.com/events/1391580844477855/?ref=2&ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

During this weekend on Sunday morning 8th of february, the Burning Man organization USA, wants to invite an extra limited number of people who are interested in joining the Sunday morning sessions. We’ve organized a sort of a “TedEx” morning with 3 fabulous and interesting speakers.
We want to start the morning with some dancing during Morning Glory Ville, after this excited opening have a good breakfast together, after which the speakers will start their presentations at 10:00.
It’s an excellent opportunity to enjoy and learn from the speakers, but also to have social time after the speakers sessions, to talk to people of the Burning Man organization out of Europe and the US, like the founders and CEO of Burning Man USA.
Tickets are only 12 Euro for covering costs like the breakfast included.
Sunday 8th of February from 08:00 – 12:00 Beurs van Berlage.
For more information about the speakers and this whole exiting morning, and to purchase your ticket, see link below: